'Revenge' recap: 'Endurance'

By Amanda Hoo,

On Sunday's episode of Revenge, titled "Endurance," we catch up with Emily after she regains her memory and remembers who really shot her, her own husband Daniel Grayson. In true Grayson form, they will stop at nothing to protect their own, especially Queen of the Grayson household, Victoria. Now, especially knowing the truth about Emily, Victoria is on a mission to expose her for what she really is a phony.

It wouldn’t be Revenge without a great beginning line so here goes: “The value of life can be directly measured by our will to endure. That we have a remarkable ability to resist fatigue, withstand pain, to keep fighting as long as we don’t loose sight for what we are fighting for."

Our favorite duo, Nolan and Emily are finally reconnected in the hospital when he comes by to visit her bedside. Nolan asks her the all encompassing question: what’s up next for Emily Thorne’s revenge plan? She admits that she has no plans, that she has failed and has decided to given up on her plan to avenge her father. She says it all over and that she can’t return to the Grayson’s or even remain in the Hamptons after everything that’s happens, she doesn’t want to do it anymore. The hardest part she says about losing her memories was reliving them when they came back, which is making her want to stop her games – it was too much pain.

Now we finally catch up with the newest character on Revenge, Niko, who is in a car garage talking to Aiden. As of now, we aren’t really sure what her end game is nor how or why she is here. We did however see her last episode and she had a syringe in her hand trying to inject Emily – so we have yet to decide friend or foe. Aiden asks Niko to sneak her out! But Niko wants to know whats going on with Aiden and her. He admits they re-connected and that they were going to leave together. Aiden tells Niko he’s sorry she had to find out this way but she’s the only one who can help him get her out. Niko agrees to the plan.

Daniel now finds himself at the Stowaway where Sarah is. He is trying ot make things right with her. He thinks that her accident was a suicide attempt because Daniel married Emily. The real accident was that she got drunk and passed out in the bathtub and almost drowned. In a heated argument she just wants Daniel to leave. Now out walks Jack, who knows Daniel is the one who shot Emily, can’t stand to be around Daniel. He punches him in the face and tells him to leave the bar.

The doctors at the hospital tell Victoria that Emily is making stride towards a recovery and that she can be discharged and put into rehab. Knowing full well that Emily’s memories of the shooting will come back Victoria needs to make sure that she is the one who keeps an eye on her. This is where Niko comes in and says she can help. Up awakes Emily and she has now been transferred into the caring hands of Grayson Manor.

Emily is now locked inside the walls with the people she was trying to take down. Her only friend inside the walls we can assume will be Niko, who Emily doesn’t really know about yet.

Victoria tells Emily that she would be more comfortable here and that she’s Grayson and will be treated like one. Emily trying to keep her cover tells her all she can remember is being in the church saying their vows to each other. Victoria is still trying to tell Emily that it was Lydia Davis who shot her. Daniel finding out that Victoria is now caring for Emily throws a hissy fit. Victoria says that Emily is on the verge of remembering and that by Emily being here she can control the situation. On the outside it looks like they are two newly weds living in bliss.

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