Robert Redford 'not upset' over Oscar snub, blames lack of campaign

By Kyle Johnson,

As the 30th annual Sundance Film Festival gets set to kick off, Robert Redford talked at a press conference and naturally the conversation turned to the veteran's actors lack of a nomination. He said that he wasn't that overly broken up that he didn't get nominated for All Is Lost.

"I'm not disturbed by it, I'm not upset by it," the actor said at the press conference, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Redford indicated that he took the role in the small film not because he was looking for an award or praise, but rather that it let him go back to his roots, so to speak, as an actor.

That said, Redford did feel a little disappointed by the lack of campaigning on behalf of distributor Lionsgate, reports Variety. He felt that they "suffered from little to no distribution."
He continued, "I don't know what they were afraid of. They didn't want to spend money or they were incapable."

He came back to that point later while focusing on the Sundance film festival and smaller films in general noting that while independent films have seen much more success over the last few years, it "is really at the mercy of distribution. And that's a hard nut."

image: NBC



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