Sandra Bullock takes award at Palm Springs International Film Festival

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

At one of this year’s first glitzy Hollywood galas, Sandra Bullock accepts an award for her work on Gravity. The Palm Springs International Film Festival honored Bullock on Saturday.

Bullock is also nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards for her performance as an astronaut in this Warner Bros. movie. In the space drama, Bullock stars in the film alongside George Clooney.

Accepting the award at the Palm Springs International Festival, Bullock sported a fun, pink dress with orange short sleeves. Sources say she prepared for the role with a regimen of pilates, among other things. She told the Daily Mail,”I do a lot of Pilates, kick-boxing and weight training in LA, and when I'm in Austin [Texas], I run or ride a bike.”

This film has gotten praise from some surprising sources. According to Variety, Bullock has received a special award for Gravity for defying age and ageism.

The Palm Springs Film Festival is one of the first stops on the award show circuit. Hollywood hopefuls continue the rounds at the Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, and finally the Oscars later this year.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George



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