'Sean Saves The World' Recap

By Megan Eldridge,
"Trapped in the Closet (Part 2)"

Sean fails to get designer Jonathan Peterson to bring his new line to the company. Max's father Lee stops by for a visit, much to Lorna's dismay. Max informs Sean that Lee knows Jonathan, but refuses to help him because he wants Max to make it on his own. Sean and Max believe Lee will want to impress Lorna about knowing Jonathan so they devise a plan for the four of them to have lunch.

Ellie gets invited to a makeout party and seeks advice from Liz in confidence since her dad won't let her go if he found out.

Lorna becomes attracted to Lee after discovering he made something of himself after coming from nothing.

Liz doesn't know what advice to give Ellie, so she asks Sean for advice she can tell Ellie.

Sean and Max discover Lorna and Lee begin dating and try to stop their relationship from blossoming. Thinking it would end the relationship, Sean and Max sneak into Lee's hotel room to steal his erectile dysfunction pills but don't get out before Lorna and Lee arrive back at the room. After Lee tells Lorna he can't find his pills, Lorna tells him she keeps some in an Aleve bottle in her purse, which Max took.

Ellie ends up skipping the party and asking Jake out on a date.

Lorna and Lee discover Sean and Max hiding in a closet. Sean tells Lorna he was looking out for her, which makes Lorna happy to know Sean cares about her. When Lee blames Max, Sean tells Lee all of it happened because he was so cold to Max that he couldn't ask for a favor. Lee tells Max he loves him sometimes, much to Max's delight.

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