'Sean Saves The World' Recap: 'I Know Why The Cage..."

By Megan Eldridge,

Last Thursday night's episode of Sean Saves The World Sean runs into his ex Collin, who wanted to give him a second chance.

Liz and Lorna advise Sean against dating Collin because of how he treated Sean, and how upset Sean was when Collin broke up with him previously. Liz and Lorna sabotage Sean’s date by texting Collin from Sean’s phone.

Max needs someone to watch his bird since the manager of his hotel, Jeff, refuses to allow him to have a bird. Sean volunteers Hunter for the job, but Hunter can’t handle Max’s bird when he learns he talks and sounds just like Max.

Hunter shows up to Max’s hotel to return his bird, only to discover Max has many more birds in his hotel room. Max said the hotel manager wanted him to move out or get rid of the birds. Max was trying to get Jeff fired by making the case that he was crazy, although he had all the birds.

Sean realized what Liz and Lorna did, and explained to Collin he wasn’t crazy, but when they walk into his apartment and find all of Max’s birds. Collin doesn’t believe Sean when he tells the truth.

image: NBC



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