'Sean Saves the World' Recap: 'Sean the Fabulous'

By Megan Eldridge,

Sean's mother becomes frustrated that Sean won't go shopping with her to help her pick out dresses, and compares him to a friend's gay son.

Sean interviews with Ellie's school to design the art program's fund-raiser. In order to get the gig, Sean acts like someone he's not, in order to impress the head of the committee, Susan. Susan decides to become closer with Sean and begins showing up at his home and work.

Hunter and Liz start to have feelings for each other after Liz begins staying with Hunter for awhile, after her neighbor was burglarized. Sean then forces Liz to stay with him, before Hunter and Liz do something regrettable. When Susan unexpectedly stops by, she accuses Sean of being straight and discovers Sean's true self.

Sean explains to Susan that he was acting like someone he wasn't in order to impress her, to get involved with Ellie's school. He doesn't apologize for who he is and explains to both his mom and Susan that he is who he is and doesn't apologize for it.

Sean's mom tells him that she loves him anyways, and Ellie is appreciative for Sean's effort to become more involved.

Image: NBCUniversal


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