Searchers find missing plane in Idaho, no survivors

By Michelle Kapusta,

Search crews in Idaho found the wreckage of a missing plane, but there no survivors.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, hundreds of ground crews, air crews and volunteers combed through the mountainous terrain in search of the small plane that disappeared on Dec 1.

The search that took place more than 100 miles northeast of Boise, turned up empty until around 3 p.m. Friday near the Johnson Creek Airport, when debris from the plane was located.

The aircraft was flying from Oregon to Montana with five passengers on board, none of whom survived, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities needed to halt recovery efforts because of an upcoming winter storm, however, they said that searchers observed that the plane’s wings had been torn off and the bodies of its five passengers were still inside.

The pilot’s wife, Janis Smith, said her husband's brother, Dellon Smith, was one of the searchers who discovered the wreckage. He told her that from the looks of the crash site, it seems everyone on board would have died rather quickly.

"It's a real sense of closure to know exactly what happened and to know that they didn't suffer at all," she told the AP.



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