Seattle woman ate nothing but Starbucks for one year

By Kyle Johnson,

A Seattle woman, Beautiful Existence, ate nothing but Starbucks products for an entire year.

In a phone interview with CNBC, Existence said, "I started designing these yearlong challenges, and I knew I wanted to do an eating challenge because eating is a really large challenge that many people are interested in and want to take on."

During her year-long Starbucks eating challenge, Existence wrote about it on her blog to keep interested people up to date.

She would only eat from Starbucks branded products like Roy Street Coffee & Tea, Tevana, Tazo Tea, Evolution Fresh and the company's corporate cafeteria.

The 40-year-old woman said that she looked into using the company after watching her sister work there for nearly eight years as a barista. "They've treated her really well. They were on my radar as a company I'd want to explore and find out more about."

According to New York Daily News, eating only at Starbucks cost the mother of two between $500 and $600 a month.

Unsurprisingly, Existence got bored of the same food over and over again. "In the last month, in the last couple weeks, it's been really difficult. People had pizza at the office last week and I was dying." She went to Ivar's for her first non-Starbucks meal, choosing a plate of fish and chips.

She said her next yearlong challenge was to learn 80 recreational sports. Previously she has taken challenges of buying exclusively from Goodwill and using Parents magazine advice.


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