Senate confirms Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve head

By Kyle Johnson,

Janet Yellen was confirmed on Monday by the U.S. Senate to replace Ben Bernanke as the newest head of the Federal Reserve.

According to The Washington Post, her new position will be made official on Feb. 1. Yellen's confirmation was done on the Senate's first day back in session and she was easily voted in 56 to 26.

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson said, "She has proven through her extensive and impressive record in public service and academia that she is most qualified to be the next chair." The democrat added, "Americans should feel reassured that we will have her at the helm of the Fed as our nation continues to recover from the Great Recession."

During her confirmation, both democratic and republican senators used this time to levy up criticism of the Fed, reports The New York Times. They spoke about the Fed not doing enough or too much, continuing to show the divide by both sides.

Yellen, who is currently second-in-command of the Fed, spoke about how the Fed would continue to help the U.S. economy dig itself out and grow and would help the entire U.S. and not just Wall Street.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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