‘Sherlock’ producers sticking to short season format

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Sherlock has been winning over fans all over the world. With amazing ratings in the U.K., China and the United States, Sherlock seems to be unstoppable. The show's format is different than most, only having three ninety minute episodes.

Even with pressure from fans all over the world to produce more episodes, the show producer and writer, Steven Moffat, known for his work on BBC with Doctor Who, said that he would not be changing the format and increasing the episodes. Moffat said that producing the episodes is the equivalent to producing a feature film, which is why the format cannot be changed, The Washington Post reported.

The Guardian added that Moffat is already working on the next season of Sherlock and recently joked that the show would continue on until it's leading man, Benedict Cumberbatch, gets too famous.

The hardest challenge with the show is finding a time that will work for the actors, Martin Freeman was recently working on production of The Hobbit and Cumberbatch was working on Star Trek: Into Darkness but the duo seems dedicated to the fans and to this modern retelling of Sherlock.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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