Shia LaBeouf sent explicit pictures to 'Nymphomaniac' producers before filming

By Kyle Johnson,

Shia LaBeouf admitted that he was asked to send pictures of his penis to Nymphomaniac producers before he had even started filming the new Lars von Trier film.

In an interview with Zentropa Productions, LaBeouf revealed that his first task was to take pictures of his genitals. He noted that his "team reacted with such a fear - the first request on the production end, not from Lars... was pictures of my penis." He seemed amused in the interview as he reflected back on the letter.

Still, despite the unusual first request, the Charlie Countryman actor said he was excited to have any role in a Trier movie since he believed it was an unachievable dreams, reports WENN.

LaBeouf noted that it was his first chance to play a character that he normally would not play, not an "everyman," but rather a "slimy, evil, blasphemous, mini-juggernaut of a man."

LaBeouf has been in the news lately in the wake of accusations that he had been plagiarizing work and his own apology tweets that followed.

The whole situation has been bizarre he even took to the sky to apologize to one writer he supposedly plagiarized from, Daniel Clowes. He paid to have skywriting etched over Hollywood with the phrase: "I am sorry Daniel Clowes."

image: NymphomaniacTheMovie.com



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