Shia LaBeouf uses skywriting to apologize to Daniel Clowes

By Kyle Johnson,

The strange tale of Shia LaBeouf and plagiarism claims just keeps on going as the actor continues to issue weird apologies. His latest one involved him using skywriting to apologize to writer Daniel Clowes.

According to Variety, LaBeouf had "I am sorry Daniel Clowes" written in the sky on New Year's Day. The actor also tweeted that he hoped Clowes could "view [his] apology as a stepping stone toward repairing this misunderstanding between us."

The skywriting, which was done by Worldwide Sky Ads' Skywriters, could be seen in Hollywood and other nearby areas for part of the day.

The attempt at a grand apology follows just a day after it was noted that some of his recent apologies on Twitter were, much like HowardCantour.com and Justin M. Damiano, plagiarized. Two tweets he sent out where apologized and claimed it was "not a publicity stunt" were originally written by porn star Mr. Marcus and the other by Jade Goody.

His actions since being called out on plagiarism seem very cavalier, considering the two publishing companies, Melville House and Fantagraphics, have said they are "exploring all legal actions" against the Transformers actor.

image: Getty Images/Image.net


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