Shooting reported on Purdue University campus

By Kyle Johnson,

A suspect was in police custody shortly after reports of shots fired on Indiana's Purdue University campus surfaced on Tuesday.

The school quickly sent out notes to students via text message and Twitter to "shelter in place," while the matter was investigated. Brad Glusvewski, a student, spoke to CNN and said that he received the text message and he and a small group of students hide inside a building.

According to the Journal & Courier, the shooting occurred near the Electrical Engineering building on campus.

Though police have a male suspect in custody, they have not released a statement about possible injuries or an explanation of what happened. Two students said they heard about two shots and believed that they possibly saw someone with blood on their hands, but weren't positive.

Police have shutdown Northwestern Avenue as they investigate the scene.

A Purdue student, Ashish Mahajan said of the incident, "It sounds really stupid, I mean why would you shoot anyone, you know. They are your fellow colleagues."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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