The Simpsons' Recap: 'Married to the Blob'

By May Chan,
Has Comic Book Guy met his love match?

As Radioactive Man assesses the fire engulfing the nuclear plant, the villains around him contribute to the destruction and attack the hero. Radioactive Man slowly dies to which Bart reacts in shock that the hero gets killed off at the end of the comic book.

With Milhouse next to him in the living room, Bart asks Homer to take him to the comic book store to get the newest issue of Radioactive Man.

Over at the comic book store, Homer waits in line with Bart and Milhouse to obtain the newest issue. Milhouse asks to be first in line because he was once cast as Fallout Boy in a movie, but that doesn't work.

After waiting in line to the point that Homer and Milhouse fall asleep in Homer's arms, Milo cuts in front of Homer to rub it in front of Comic Book Guy that he has a life even though he's a nerd. Comic Book Guy calls out to Milo as he's leaving the store that the nerd doesn't get the girl in the end.

Even Homer rubs it in that he has a loving wife at home. As Homer leaves the store with the comic book issue and the kids in tow, he uses the Badgerine figure to scratch his back.

A down Comic Book Guy sings about the single life, alluding to various comic book characters. Following the medley, Stan Lee appears in Comic Book Guy's imagination. However, the imaginary icon points out that the real Stan Lee stands there stealing comic books from the store.

When a woman walks into the store, imaginary Stan Lee points out that this is Comic Book Guy's opportunity. Comic Book Guy stammers before asking the woman to be part of the active buyer's club. The Japanese woman reveals that she's in Springfield to research for her manga and shows Comic Book Guy an illustration with him in it.

Comic Book Guy is ecstatic that a woman finally tolerates him and gives her flowers in Hulk gloves.

At the Simpson household, Homer receives a visit from Comic Book Guy asking Homer for pointers on his first date with this new woman. Why Homer? Comic Book Guy believes that Homer is the only fat man he knows who has a hot wife.

Homer seems offended, while Marge looks pleased.

Marge advises Comic Book Guy to never be himself and sustain that act for the rest of the relationship. When Comic Book Guy introduces his date to Homer and Marge, she inquires Homer about his similarities to Mr. Sparkle and its association to suicide.

While dining at a true American restaurant with the Simpsons, Comic Book Guy tries to keep it together when his sample platter of the States doesn't meet his standards. Surprisingly, his date likes the American nerd snark in Comic Book Guy, so does this mean the nerd has met his true love?

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