'The Simpsons' Recap: 'Specs and the City'

By May Chan,
Will Homer's new goggles worsen his marriage?

A jolly Mr. Burns passes out Christmas gifts to his employees after Homer, Carl, and Lenny just finished discussing their boss's past not-so-great gifts.

The employees at the power plant unwrap the gifts to find Oogle Goggles. When Lenny uses his goggles to identify Homer, he tells his bud what every viewer must have thought at one point, “I thought it was Simpson.”

“Don't you look up at the sky?” asks Homer as the ceiling opens up to clouds with The Simpsons theme song opening credits.

Concerned with his boss's sudden kindness, Smithers wonders if he should contact Mr. Burns's doctor, but Mr. Burns lets Smithers know that now all his employees can spy on each other. Furthermore, with a press of a button, Mr. Burns can kill an employee even though it doesn't really work when he tries to demonstrate it to Smithers.

Fast forward to February when Marge encourages Bart and Lisa to join in the Valentine's Day festivities of making cards for everyone in the class.

Bart stands against giving a card to Nelson, the class bully, who he doesn't love. However, Marge shows Bart an amusing video the school had sent out with a kid who overdoses on candy hearts when he doesn't receive Valentine's Day cards.

As Homer heads out with his family, he notices that Ned Flanders's home is worth more than his home, so in order to up the value on the property, Homer snatches Ned's flowers and plants them on his yard. Through Homer's goggles, he sees that the value shoots up before Santa's Little Helper urinates on the plant. Value drops.

During Homer's snuggle time with Marge, he cannot take off his goggles, prompting Marge to walk out on him. Homer desperately asks the goggles to find a gift for Marge under five dollars.

“I heard that!” Marge cries.

Homer then asks the goggles to take him back in time to two minutes ago.

In the morning, Marge flips pancakes in anger. When Homer decides to give up the goggles, he places the goggles on the lazy Susan before it lands on Maggie. Marge grabs the goggles and puts them on to which Maggie spits her pacifier at her in defiance.

Over at Springfield Elementary School, a line of kids waits to give Nelson a Valentine's card. When Nelson is ready for Bart to give him his card, Bart stands up to Nelson in not giving him one despite Bart already having one planned. Bart rips the owl card with a bad joke. The kids gasp.

Gripping Bart's shirt, Nelson demands that Bart have a card ready to give to him in a week.

Meanwhile, Homer appears at work without his goggles, but he soon realizes that he cannot live in a reality without them because when Carl saw him, he slapped Homer repeatedly. Homer looks for goggles in Mr. Burns's office only to find the room empty.

Nevertheless, Homer sees the monitors of all the employees doing anything but work. Homer also sees Marge wearing his glasses and feeding Maggie ice cream even though Marge had told Homer they had run out of ice cream. What else has Marge been hiding from Homer?

Homer sits on Mr. Burns's cushy chair eating popcorn when his boss shows up asking, “Who are you?”

A nervous Homer tries to plead, “Mr. Burns...”

Mr. Burns apologizes to “Mr. Burns” and comically backs away from the chair and out of the office.

Homer continues to watch Marge do her everyday errands, which includes visiting a therapist, who she vents to about her husband. Topics, like Homer's drinking problem to Homer's temper, force Marge to reveal her true colors. So will Homer and Marge's marriage get out of this limbo?

Elsewhere, Bart has finally created a simple card filled with rhymes for Nelson, but will the school bully appreciate it or punch the daylights out of the Simpsons' boy?

Tune in to The Simpsons on Sundays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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