'The Simpsons' Recap: 'Steal This Episode'

By May Chan,
Who ratted Homer out on his piracy party?

When Homer walks in on Lennie and Carl's water cooler talk on the new Radioactive Man sequel or reboot, Homer asks his co-worker friends to not spoil it for him.

Lennie and Carl tell Homer to leave the water cooler if he doesn't want to hear about the film. Homer wants to drink from the water cooler but takes the water with him.

After chugging the water, Homer uses the urinal. As a couple of Homer's co-workers walk into the restroom, he overhears them talking about Radioactive Man and gets nervous urinating.

Over at Krusty Burger, Homer faces Bart and Milhouse talking about the Radioactive Man figurines from their meals. Homer dunks the villain figurine into the shake, but the figurine shouts that he dies and comes back to life after the credits.

Even during church Homer cannot escape the Radioactive Man chitchat. To drown out the spoilers from Reverend Lovejoy, Homer hilariously sings off key before the choir boys throw him out of church.

When Homer tells his family that he needs to see the movie before someone ruins the whole film for him, his whole family wants to go too. Homer cries that he does not want everyone to go because then he would have to pay for Emily Beth, the babysitter who is getting a Master's in Child Development.

After paying a lot for the movie tickets, Homer says that the movie better be worth it. However, that's not the only problem when an audience member shushes Homer. Homer points out that this person is texting, another person is on the phone, another person is sexting and another brought a baby to a 9:00 showing.

Homer gets so mad that he rips the 3-D glasses and the ushers throw him out of the theater.

At home, Bart shows Homer how to download Radioactive Man illegally. Homer thanks Bart by saying that this is the only instance in which he can share with his son without hiding it.

The next day when Homer tries to talk to Lennie and Carl about Radioactive Man, his co-workers tell him that it has been all talked out. They have moved on to the new James Bond flick.

Homer attempts to stop his co-workers from talking about the newest film, but Lennie and Carl insist that Homer just watch the film in the theaters. Homer lets Lennie and Carl in on his secret of illegally downloading movies, which in turn leads to Homer inviting the whole neighborhood to watch his illegally downloaded films.

When Marge writes to the FBI regarding Homer's piracy party, we get to see the inside of the squad that targets movie piracy. When the head of the squad reads the letter from Marge, who is his number one target? Homer J. Simpson.

Homer assumes that someone else (not Marge) snitched on him and gets dragged away. Lisa asks Bart to do something, so Bart plays the rest of the movie, which distracts the FBI squad. No one wants to see illegally downloaded material, so Homer is free from their clutches.

Homer tries to escape over the fence, yet the piracy squad hold him down and take him away. Homer asks that Marge find out who snitched on him. Will Homer discover that Marge was the one who told on him, or will Marge just fess up?

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