'Sleepy Hollow': Recap: 'The Indispensable Man; Bad Blood' (Season Finale)

By Chris Howcroft,

Sleepy Hollow ended last week with the mystery behind how George Washington left a message in invisible ink four days after his death. Ichabod is set on discovering how this is possible and also dealing with the impending war that is coming to Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod discovers the secret message in the Bible from George Washington. He discovers in the story of Lazarus, that George Washington died on December 14, 1799, but then was resurrected four days later in order to leave directions to Ichabod in order to find a map that reveals the way to travel from Earth to Purgatory. Ichabod comes to the realization that he could free his wife, Katrina, from Purgatory.

Andy Brooks visits Abbie at her house. Brooks is being used as a messenger and interpreter for Moloch. He tells Abbie that Moloch wants the Bible so he can use it to find the same map. Brooks claims that Moloch will be sending soldiers to retrieve the map at any cost. Andy goes back to the sewer where he apologizes to Moloch, then he becomes engulfed with locusts and is eventually mummified. Abbie and Ichabod acquire the help of Henry Parrish, who is also known as “the sin eater” to go and visit the grave of the priest who guarded the Headless Horseman’s head for centuries until he was murdered by the Horseman. They are looking to discover the prayer beads, which could be a key to winning the war against evil because they contain secrets that could reveal the location of the map to Purgatory. Parrish touches the beads and learns about Washington’s resurrection and there was something with him.

Ichabod believes that Washington left this information for him so he could free Katrina and end this war. Abbie fears that if they go to Purgatory and free Katrina, there could be consequences out of their control that would bring the apocalypse. Ichabod and Abbie both think about what they are willing to sacrifice to keep everyone safe. Demons come and attack Ichabod, Abbie and Parrish, which makes Ichabod realize that the map is extremely dangerous and that they must find it or this war will be lost. Ichabod and Abbie discover that the map must be buried with Washington and that they must find the secret burial ground along the Hudson River.

Captain Irving has to deal with the issues involving his daughter being a suspect in the murder of Father Bolen. The other police officers don’t believe Irving’s story about “evil” killing him and threaten to arrest his daughter if more evidence is found. In order to protect his family the only way he knows how to, Irving lies about killing Father Bolen and the other officers. He confesses and is immediately arrested.

They discover Washington’s burial site and once inside the grave, begin searching for his body. They find Washington buried in the Cincinnatus tomb. Cincinnatus happens to be the personal hero of Washington. Ichabod uses his key to open the tomb and they find his coffin. Ichabod takes the map, when a possessed Andy shows up, locking them all inside the tomb. He reveals to Abbie that she must destroy the map, because Moloch needs it to win the war. Abbie appears to kill Brooks, but he rises again and they trap him inside the grave. Abbie tells Ichabod of Brooks’ warning about the map, and Ichabod makes the difficult decision to burn the map. Later, we see Ichabod sitting in the cabin, drawing a new copy of the map.

Parrish calls Ichabod with urgent news. He has a dream which reveals to him that Moloch is ready to unleash hell on Earth and that the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse will rise. They also discover that a solar eclipse is coming that night, as well as this being the same day 13 years ago that Abbie and Jenny first encountered Moloch. The fear of impending war will be a reality by nightfall. Ichabod reveals to everyone that he made a second copy of the map, which he discovers is four landline’s that converge in the forest, which is where they can reach Purgatory. Jenny makes Abbie promise to come back to her, or she is going to come hunt her down. Parrish accompanies Ichabod and Abbie to the gateway, where he warns them not to give in to the temptations they will face. They read the sacred passage and enter the gateway into Purgatory.

Abbie wakes up and Corbin and Brooks are waiting by her bedside. They tell her that she was injured in a training exercise at the FBI Academy. She realizes that she is supposed to remember something. We see Ichabod waking up and walking inside a house to find his father, welcoming him home after years of service. He is told that the British won the war and that he will always love his son. It becomes clear that they are being tempted by Purgatory. Parrish warned them before they enter not to eat or drink anything they are offered. Abbie is offered apple pie and Ichabod is offered a drink to celebrate. They both come to the realization about where they actually are, and they both turn down the food and drink.

Ichabod wakes up in a cemetery. There are many disfigured and disturbing creatures walking around. Ichabod finds Abbie and they realize that they survived the first test of temptation. They now begin searching for Katrina. They find Katrina in the church and he asks her about the map that got them there. Ichabod tells her that she can stop the second Horseman from rising that very night and she can be free. Katrina says if her soul leaves without forgiveness, that would break the boundary between the two worlds. Katrina says there is an alternative way for her soul to leave; her soul can leave, but another soul must take her place.

They all begin to argue about who will stay. Abbie insists that she be the one to stay there. Abbie claims that this is why they were chosen. She says that this is for the greater good of humanity. Katrina gives Abbie an amulet that will protect Abbie from Moloch. Ichabod and Katrina promise to come back and rescue Abbie from purgatory. Ichabod says “remember our bond” and that he will return for her. Ichabod and Katrina return to Earth. Katrina is overjoyed to be back in reality. In Purgatory, Moloch torments Abbie. They fight and Abbie stabs him with the amulet. The eclipse is drawing closer and Katrina is locating where Parrish saw Moloch pull a creature out of the ground. They locate where the second Horseman will rise from the ground.

Meanwhile, Jenny has been searching and discovers what Moloch’s warning about the saint’s name meant. Then she is shot at twice by the Headless Horseman standing in the street. Jenny’s car flips over and crashes, and she lays unconscious while the Horseman rides away.

Abbie is still being tormented in Purgatory. She finds younger versions of herself and her sister. The eclipse is almost completed and the Horseman is moments away from rising. Parrish then says “that time has come” and then he binds Ichabod and Katrina to the trees. Parrish talks about the idea of faith and how they have all used it and how it has blinded them all. We then see Parrish’s true intention from the beginning. It is revealed that Parrish is the second Horseman. Parrish also then reveals that he is the son of Ichabod and Katrina. Ichabod comes to realize everything that has been happening is a result of Parrish. Parrish says that Moloch is the one who saved him, who gave him a new life. In Purgatory, Abbie realizes the same truths and insists on finding a way back home. She then discovers the horrible truth that she is trapped there. Ichabod pleads with Parrish not to do this, then the Headless Horseman arrives. He then releases Katrina and the Horseman takes her away. He then binds Ichabod in the grave below where he was risen from. Parrish then says that Ichabod will now know what it is like to lose faith. He then says that war is now beginning in Sleepy Hollow and then he slams the coffin shut on Ichabod.

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