'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'The Vessel'

By Chris Howcroft,

Sleepy Hollow returned with a new episode this week in which the battle between good and evil continues. This episode resumes into the new year where Abbie and Ichabod are continuing to stop the demons as well as prevent the impending apocalypse promised by the Horseman and his army of evil. The focus of this episode is a demon wanting to possess George Washington’s bible, or he will come after Captain Irving’s daughter, Macy.

The episode also deals with going back into the past and discovering new information that could help Abbie and Ichabod in their continuing fight against evil. They discover that George Washington’s bible is one of the keys to defeating evil, and they discover that Sheriff Corbin, the man who was a mentor to Abbie, has an entire section about possession by a demon that jumps from person to person. They find a video recording left by Corbin which turns out to be Jenny, Abbie’s sister. When confronted, Jenny remembers what happened and why she made the choices she did. The demon wanted to kill Abbie so she chose to break the law and stay away from her sister. Jenny later reveals that the demon would constantly torment her and she feared for her sister’s life, so that is why she chose to isolate herself from everyone, most importantly her sister.

Ichabod also discovers that the demon is restrained with salt, and that when they play the video in reverse, they discover that the demon is named Ancitif, and he is one of Moloch’s minions. They discover that a blessed lantern will remove the creature from the host and send it back to hell. They now have to obtain one of these lanterns in order to save Irving’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Irving fears for his family, so he takes them to an isolated house to protect them from the demon. He is unaware that the demon has followed him there, possessing several of the officers and is able to enter the house. Irving receives a call, the demon revealing that he is in the house and when Irving arrives inside, he discovers that his daughter has been possessed by the demon. While this is happening, Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny are racing to find the lantern in order to save Macy. The priest is attempting to perform an exorcism, but the demon kills the priest and threatens to kill the daughter and Irving’s wife if he is not given the bible.

Ichabod and Abbie go to retrieve the lantern, and once they obtain the lantern, they are surrounded by a group of men with automatic weapons. Ichabod pleads with them that the war between good and evil has begun in Sleepy Hollow and that they need the lamp to save Macy’s life. They refuse, but Jenny arrives with her own guns and the men stand down. Jenny arrives and confronts the demon. The demon remembers possessing Jenny seven years ago.

Abbie and Jenny set a trap for the demon and Ichabod uses the lantern to cast the demon out of Macy and send the demon back to hell. The demon says that the plan is already in motion and that darkness will reign. Ichabod later reveals to Abbie that he removed the bible from the archives so he could not turn it over to the demon. Ichabod discovers a message in invisible ink that reads December 18, 1799. It was written by George Washington, even though Washington’s death was on December 14. Ichabod ends the episode by saying “that is what we must discover.”

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