Snapchat suffers security breach, hackers make off with millions of usernames and phone numbers

By Kyle Johnson,

Hackers hit Snapchat through a security breach and stole millions of phone numbers and usernames after repeated warnings of a system vulnerability.

Those who stole the information have supposedly posted the information on the now suspended website snapchatdb.info, according to The Associated Press. Snapchat spokeswoman Mary Ritti said the company currently isn't commenting beyond noting the company is looking into how much was stolen.

The breach, through which hackers took at least 4.6 million numbers and usernames, is unsurprising as security analysts publicly warned Snapchat a week ago that it had a system vulnerability. The social media company waved away the warnings noting it had "various safeguards" in place.

The vulnerabilities, which let someone access Snapchat's API, was first discovered by Gibson Sec, who warned the company in August, reports Business Insider. The security company claims it was ignored and that led to it revealing to others there was a problem.

The company had hoped it would be able to goad Snapchat into looking into the problem and fixing it before anything like this happened.

Gibson Sec put together a website people can use to see if their phone number was one of the millions stolen during the security breach.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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