SodaStream stirs up controversy, Scarlett Johansson joins as global brand ambassador

By Amy Michura,

Just as Scarlett Johansson has decided to be the face of Sodastream and debut in their Super Bowl commercial, a controversy has erupted for the company.

Sodastream, which is an Israeli company, has three factories in West Bank and according to The Daily Mail, the company is reportedly exploiting Palestinian workers and the cheaper rates of its factory location.

In a discussion held by NPR, Rona Moran, with the Coalition of Women for Peace, explained, “And all of the work in this factory is actually benefiting from exploiting Palestinian workers as cheap labor and Palestinian land for the establishment of the factory, and enjoys benefits and funding from the Israeli government.”

Individuals have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about this, especially as news broke about Scarlett Johansson becoming Sodastream’s global brand ambassador and participating in their Super Bowl commercial.

Johansson hasn’t spoken out about the controversy, however, she has discussed why she likes the product.

“My favorite thing about soda stream is that I don’t feel guilty when I enjoy beverages at home,” Johansson said. “I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful.”

You’ll be able to see her in Sodastream’s Super Bowl ad Feb. 2.

image: Annalisa Flori/Getty Images/Image.net



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