Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago lands at wrong airport

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago landed at the wrong Missouri airport on Sunday.

According to CBS News Chicago, federal officials are investigating why a flight that flew out of Chicago’s Midway International Airport ended up at a Missouri airport 7 miles away from where it was supposed to land.

Travelers on board were obviously very confused when the plane landed at Taney County Airport rather than its scheduled destination of Branson Airport.

The plane was carrying five crew members and 124 passengers. One of those passengers, Scott Schieffer told CNN that he remembered the pilot saying, "Welcome to Branson," once the plane had landed.

Minutes later, the pilot came back on the intercom and corrected himself, Schieffer said, telling everyone on board that they had in fact landed at the wrong airport.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said Sunday night that he didn't have enough information at the time to say why the plane landed at the wrong location.

All passengers were eventually bused from Taney to Branson Airport.



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