Stage adaption of novel ‘Beaches’ to debut

By Alyssa Jean,

When the film adaption of Iris Rainer Dart’s novel, Beaches, hit the screen, audiences everywhere wept over the beautiful story of friendship between two young girls of extremely opposite socioeconomic statuses.

The wealthy Hilary Whitney Essex and the audition-going Cee Cee Bloom became quick friends as children while their friendship bloomed even more over the turbulent years of adulthood. Now, the novel is set to an even bigger stage with a musical adaption.

Broadway.com confirms that the musical is to open in Virginia during the Signature Theater’s 2013-14 season. Broadway veterans Mara Davi and Alysha Umphress are set to play the lovable best friends. It is scheduled to open on Feb. 18.

According to The New York Times, Eric Schaeffer, the artistic director of the Signature Theatre, is said to be directing the long-awaited musical.

“It’s a great title and you don’t want to screw it up, you want to give it the time it needs to be born and the space to make it what it wants to be," Schaeffer said. "We can do that here and provide that opportunity for the writers.”

The character of Cee Cee bloom was made popular by triple-threat actress Bette Midler. In the film version of the emotional novel, Midler made famous the song most associated with the film, "Wind Beneath My Wings." However, the new musical will not include the iconic song in the score, but it will feature an entire new score written just for the musical instead.

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