Stay cold to lose fat

By Amanda Stewart,

Changing the temperature indoors throughout the day may lead to weight loss.

A new study led by Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt in the Netherlands shows that being exposed to lower than normal temperatures may help some people burn more calories, according to Headlines and Global News.

Brown fat found in adults is significant to thermogenesis, which helps you provide heat for your own body during colder months, like January. When the body uses the brown fat to create thermogenesis, it also burns calories.

The study was done over the span of 10 days in which volunteers were subjected to stay indoors with the air at 59 degrees. Eventually, they would stop shivering and become more comfortable at that temperature.

According to CNN, the study says that lowering the temperature a few degrees over a span of time will help your body change its internal “climate” to keep you warm without added heat.

"More frequent cold exposure alone is not going to save the world from obesity," Lichtenbelt said, "but is a serious factor to consider for creating a sustainable environment along with a healthy lifestyle.”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



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