Steve Zaillian tapped to rewrite, produce Cortes film 'Montezuma'

By Kyle Johnson,

DreamWorks has brought on Steve Zaillian to rewrite the script as well as produce the historical Herman Cortes drama Montezuma.

Steven Spielberg is also producing the movie, reports Deadline, who was the first to report. He has also expressed the interest in directing the film, but has not formally signed on to do that as of yet.

The director has reportedly been looking for another project to helm after deciding not to do Robopocalypse for the time being. Another possible film American Sniper fell through over budget views and then Clint Eastwood came in to direct.

Zaillian will be rewriting a script that was written by the blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo almost 50 years ago. Trumbo originally wrote the script with Kirk Douglas in mind.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Skyfall actor Javier Bardem is interested in the role of Cortes, also sometimes written as Cortez.

Montezuma, which could possibly be retitled Cortez, will be about the Spanish conquistador who brought about the ruin of the Aztec Empire.

image: WireImage/Image.net



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