Student pays college tuition in $1 bills

By Morgan Cox,

Frustration from high college tuition costs is something that nearly everyone can relate to. A University of Utah student has finally decided to make a statement by paying $2,000 of his tuition in $1 bills.

Student Luq Mughal carried a metal case full of $1 bills into the school which he had collected from several different banks, according to the Associated Press.

Mughal stated that he wasn't trying to be noticed or make it difficult for anyone, he was simply just wanting to make a point to show how much tuition rates have increased.

"When you spend cash, you feel every dollar that you hand over to someone else," said the student.

Yahoo! News reported that Mughal has to stand in line for almost three hours when waiting to pay his bill.

The student feels that if everyone paid their tuition in this way, that they could make statement and changes would be made.

Undergraduate tuition costs have more than doubled in Utah during the last 10 years due to claims of a decline in state funding.



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