T-Mobile offers $650 to become their customer

By Raquel Luster,

Mobile users now have more power over how they interact with their carriers.

T-Mobile added 4.4 million customers to their network this past year predominantly from their No-Contract campaign starting 8 months ago, according to CNN.

This newfound connection with their customers is generated from T-Mobile's new outlook on the mobile industry entirely. They want the customers to freely choose carriers in a pressure-free environment.

CEO John Legere said, "We're going to force the industry to change. I want every customer to have a complete choice. It's going to be a healthier industry."

This is where the $650 comes in; T-Mobile is offering other competitors’ customers a buyout from their previous contracts if they make the switch to T-Mobile.

This is the breakdown: “a $300 trade in credit… for each of your used working devices, PLUS Up to $350 for your Early Termination Fees per line," said the mobile website.

CNN Money notes this may or may not have anything to do with the AT&T offer of $450 to T-Mobile’s customers to make the switch last week.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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