T-Mobile offers to pay early-termination fees if customers switch carriers

By Kyle Johnson,

In an effort to entice potential customers to sign up with the mobile phone carrier, T-Mobile has said that it will pay the early-termination fee as well as for your current mobile phone.

On Wednesday at the Consumer Electronic's Show, CEO John Legere said that the company will pay up to $350 per line in early-termination fees, The Washington Post reports. Customers will also have to turn in their old phone as part of the deal, but up to a $300 credit will be given for the phone.

Once you've traded in your old phone and severed ties with your previous carrier, T-Mobile will let you select any phone, expensive or not, and put nothing down. "[Early termination fees] are another type of phone subsidy," Legere said. "It's part of the industry scam - there's no transparency."

According to USA Today, The carrier said that research has found 40 percent of families stay with their current carrier because of early-termination fees.

As an amusing little bonus, when you switch to T-Mobile, the carrier will provide you with a "breakup" letter for your previous carrier.

This latest offer is part of T-Mobile's recent plans to convince more people to switch. The mobile phone carrier also has eased up on wireless contracts as well as overage fees. T-Mobile also now offers free international roaming and has made it easier to upgrade phones.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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