Taylor Swift 'attacked' during 2014 Grammy performance in viral video

By Lauren Wheeler,
'Street Fighter' character kicks Swift in the face

A video has gone viral of Taylor Swift being attacked at The Grammys by Ryu from Street Fighter.

Swift performed her hit “All Too Well,” from her fourth studio album Red, at The Grammys on Sunday. While the song told the story of an entire relationship and is one of Swift’s best-written songs, the message was distracted by an odd amount of head banging. Check out the performance below.

The Internet, never shy to lampoon celebrities, took the opportunity to mock Swift’s Grammy performance. A YouTube video, which currently has almost 5 million views, inserted in Ryu who kicks Swift in the head each time she does a hand bang. The video, curiously called “Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys” was uploaded on YouTube on Monday and has about 5,400 comments on it.

Another video going viral is on Swift’s surprise face when she believed that Alicia Keys called her name for the Album of the Year Grammy but Daft Punk really won it.

While the head banging was enough for Swift to be parodied for, she is also known for her interesting dance moves at award shows.

The cartoon kicking Swift in the face is Ryu, a character from the 1987 arcade game, Street Fighter. The game was rereleased for the Wii in 2009. In the game, there are one-on-one matches that last less than 30 seconds. It was also one of the first games to use six button controls.

Check out the parody below.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jana Zills



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