Taylor Swift searches for homes in New York City

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Taylor Swift is currently in the market and this time not for her next hit song to write. The "Love Story" singer is looking for homes in New York City.

According to, The New York Daily News, Swift was seen looking at a variety of apartments in Greenwich Village.

One of the stops on Swift's apartment search was, $12 million townhouse that used to belong to Arthur Laurents, who is known for writing West Side Story. This apartment would be located only a few blocks from the former home of Robert De Niro.

E! Online added that New York is not the only place the musical superstar is looking for homes. Swift was also seen looking for a house in London.

The house purchase in London might bring her closer to friends like Ed Sheeran and ex Harry Styles.

Swift currently spends her time between two homes that she owns, one in Nashville and one in Beverly Hills.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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