Taylor Swift's R.I. neighbors not happy with construction on wall

By Kyle Johnson,

Taylor Swift's neighbors near her Rhode Island home are hopping mad over the construction going on with a wall on her property.

A neighbor talked to TMZ saying, "It was bad enough when she moved in, but to ruin a part of the town for all of us ... this is a whole new level of hate."

The neighbors are pissed over construction that Swift is having done on a wall that had suffered from time and being partially ruined last year during Hurricane Sandy. The neighbors claim that the "Red" singer is taking away everyone's beach access.

However, Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council spokeswoman Laura Dwyer talked with The Westerly Sun and said that the permits and everything were legit and that neighbors don't need to worry.

Dwyer said, "There must be access at all times [during construction]." She added, "We made sure of that."

According to E! News, some were also worried that the wall was being built on the public beach, but Dwyer insisted that wasn't true and the city's planning, code enforcement and grant administration also confirmed that everything checked out.

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image: Wikimedia Commons


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