Teaser for CBS’ Extant with Halle Berry offers definition for title (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

The teaser for the Extant, CBS’ next summer series, has been released and it offers next to nothing about the show’s plot. However, it does define the term ‘extant’ in case you don’t have a dictionary handy.

In the 26-second video, CBS notes that the definition of extant is “still in existence.” It also means the “opposite of extinct.” Behind the text, we see an embryo forming in a circle. The word extinct morphs into extant, with the tagline “Life always finds a way.” Then, images flash by in the circle before it becomes CBS’ famous eye logo.

The plot for Extant is mostly unknown. The series will star Halle Berry as an astronaut coming home from a year-long solo mission in space. When she comes back, she tries to reconnect with her family. She also makes an impact on the direction of human history.

Camryn Manheim also stars in the series. It is a CBS production with Amblin Entertainment. Like the network’s Under The Dome, Steven Spielberg is an executive producer on the project.

CBS said last week that Extant premieres on July 2. Episodes will also be streamed on Amazon.

Here’s the teaser:

image: ABC



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