‘Teen Wolf’ recap: ‘Anchor’

By Amanda Hoo,

On Monday night’s midseason return episode of Teen Wolf “Anchor,” we watch as Scott, Stiles, and Allison are suffering deep side effects from the ritual sacrifice they put themselves through to save their loved ones, while Sheriff Stilinksi looks through old cases with opened eyes.

The episode began with Stiles tossing and turning in his bed. When he opens his eyes we see him frantically trying to get out of a locker inside the Beacon Hills High School locker room. Walking down the hallway he comes across an open classroom door, inside is the nemeton (the tree stump from the [“Lunar Eclipse”] episode). As he goes to touch it a vine reaches out and grabs him, this is when he is rattled awake in his bed. As he wakes up Lydia is by his side asking if he’s alright, Stiles realizing this is weird asks Lydia “what are you doing here?” The bedroom door is slowly creaking open and Stiles goes to close it because he’s afraid they might get in, while Lydia is begging him to leave it alone. Stiles then is transported back to the forest where the nemeton is. Large lights flash on and Stiles tells himself this is just a dream and to get it out of his head, and to WAKE UP!

He opens his eyes and the sun is shining and his dad tells him to get ready for school.

Stiles and Scott are now discussing his previous nights dream as they walk into school. Stiles tells him that it felt like his body was paralyzed, like his mind has not yet woken up and it terrifies him. Stiles thinks that what they did as a sacrifice has anything to do with the dreams. As they proceed into class Stiles tells Scott it’s being more and more difficult for him to know what’s real.

At this point now Stiles is screaming as he is waking up out of bed as if awoken from a horrible nightmare. Making Stiles even more concerned with trying to figure out what’s real life.



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