Teens arrested after posting possible ‘knockout game’ attack on Facebook

By Michelle Kapusta,

Two juveniles in Philadelphia have been arrested after they posted what looks to be a “knockout game” video on social media.

According to WPVI, a middle school student in the Northeast section of the city was the chosen victim of the assault that was later posted on Facebook.

Police say three boys attacked the victim as he was walking home from school on Tuesday afternoon. Two of them were quickly apprehended and the PPD is pursuing the third suspect.

The New York Daily News notes that the 30-second clip starts out with one of the suspects sucker punching the student in the face while another suspect laughs obnoxiously in the background.

The so-called game has become a real problem across the country over the past few months. The random attacks have been popping up in big cities and rural communities alike.

Victims of every age, gender, religion and race have been targeted.

The object of the sick and malicious game is to go up to an unsuspecting victim and see if they can be knocked out with one punch.

The suspects in this case face assault charges.



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