Texting sparks deadly shooting in Florida movie theater

By Kyle Johnson,

A man in Wesley, Florida, attending a screening of the new film Lone Survivor with his wife, fatally shot another man and injured the victim's wife after arguing over texting.

The victim was on his cell phone and "He was texting. He was making a lot of noise," Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told CNN. "This led to a verbal altercation, the verbal altercation escalated."

The argument led to the suspect shooting the man and his wife. The victim died shortly after arriving at the hospital, but the wife survived with non-threatening injuries.

According to witnesses, the argument occurred during previews ahead of the main feature. The victim said he was just texting with his daughter and they argued for a bit until the suspect left the theater for a short bit. One witness, Charles Cummings, said "He came back very irritated."

The arguing resumed and then someone threw popcorn. Cumming said, "I'm not sure who threw it. And then bang, he was shot."

According to Deadline, Nocco also said that neither man previously knew the other, they just happened to get into an argument at the theater. "This was an isolated incident and is not an active shooter situation."

ABC News reports that police identified the shooter as retired police captain, Curtis Reeves.

image: Universal/image.net



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