Theater owners call for shorter movie trailers

By Daniel S Levine,

The National Association of Theatre Owners released new marketing guidelines Monday morning, which will surely be a hot topic around Hollywood for the next few months. The group of theater owners called for shorter trailers and now says that movies must be released within five months of a trailer’s debut.

NATO put a two-minute length limit on trailers, reports TheWrap.

Trailers also have to debut within 150 days - or five months - of a film’s release and no earlier. That means that we won’t see trailers and teasers for the 2015 blockbusters until very late in 2014 at the earliest.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the guidelines also say that posters and other displays can only be shown within four months of a film’s release.

The studios and distributors will get two exemptions per year for both guidelines, which won’t begin until Oct. 1.

The guidelines are voluntary and will be enforced “by cooperation and consistency,” a NATO spokesperson told TheWrap. The exhibitor group noted that the Motion Picture Association’s trailer guidelines are also voluntary. Still, THR notes that studios could fear that exhibitor may either decide to not show trailers over two minutes or pack in more trailers, which will force audiences to sit even longer before a movie starts.

These moves are likely in response to long trailers, many of which reach two-and-a-half minutes. NATO decided last year that guidelines on trailers needed to be written out, since there had been complains of bloated trailers that spoiled plots. Trailers have become increasingly important for marketing as they are easily accessible at home online.

image: YouTube trailer



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