Threats aimed at Sochi Games, United States cautious

By Brady Kirkland,

Due to the threat of terrorist attacks at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games, the United States plans to take precautions for its athletes and spectators.

U.S. Officials are wary after news that terrorists from the Volograd bombings in December may plan a future attack during the Winter Games in Sochi. CNN reports that U.S. athletes have been told not to leave the Olympic village in uniform during the games.

One State Department official tells reporters, “If you are an American Olympic athlete, you don’t want to advertise that far outside the Olympic venues.”

According to NBC 11, American Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is prepared to withdraw Americans from Sochi should a terrorist attack occur.

Along with precautions taken by the United States, security is at an all-time high leading into these games.

President of NBC Olympics, Gary Zenkel claims, “We have never seen the type of security that we are now seeing in Russia at any prior Olympic Games in terms of the credentialing, surveillance and any amount of resources that have been committed to this area.”

At this point, United States President Barack Obama will not travel to Sochi for the games and instead is sending a delegation in his stead, largely comprised of openly gay athletes.

image: NBC



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