Three arrested for allegedly causing California wildfire

By Morgan Cox,

A California wildfire which caused 2,000 people to flee and destroyed at least two homes has resulted in the arrest of Jonathan Carl Jarrell, 23, Steven Aguirre, 21, and Clifford Henry, 22.

The three men were charged with "unlawfully causing a fire on a structure or federal land." Bail was set at $50,000 for each of them.

Jarrell, Aguirre and Henry allegedly started the fire, which ended up spreading across the Los Angeles basin all the way to the coast.

It is believed that the three hiked into the mountains after sparking the fire and camped there overnight. They were detained near Colby Trail, which is where the fire is thought to have been started.

According to The Advertiser, only one resident suffered minor burns. Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby said that, since the Los Angeles County Fire Department was prepared for a fire, hundreds of homes were saved during the fire.

USA Today reported that this is a reminder of the dangers faced in California as citizens come off the driest year for the state.

Just last Friday, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency. He has asked residents to greatly reduce water usage and start conserving water. Residents aren't required to ration water, but some areas of California have already started rationing on their own judgement.

Governor Brown believes this will be a long lasting effort to save water.



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