Tim Tebow mocks himself in T-Mobile Super Bowl ad (Video)

By Ian O'Brien,

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow still remains without a job in the league since getting cut by the New England Patriots before the start of the season. He landed himself a TV commercial gig though, as he will be starring in a T-Mobile commercial where he makes fun of himself.

According to USA Today, Tebow will star in two Super Bowl XLVIII T-Mobile commercials. He will make fun of himself for not being able to find a job in the NFL.

The ads are expected to run for about 30 seconds, and Tebow will show why it's better to not have a contract and will say that "he's done so much this year without a contract."

These ads are supposed to allude to the fact that their customers are not forced to sign contracts, according to CBS Sports.

In the commercials, Tebow will reportedly ride a bull, save puppies, deliver a baby and throw a football on the moon to demonstrate how his life has gone since he hasn't been able to sign a contract.

Photo Courtesy of WikimediaCommons



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