Tokyo Film Festival will take place in October

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Organizers of the Tokyo Film Festival announced that they will be holding their festival this year from Oct. 23 – Oct. 31. The festival will take place after the TIFFCOM content market this year from Oct. 21-Oct. 23.

Festival Market Director Mika Morishita told The Hollywood Reporter, “The market has never been held on different dates from the festival before, so it will be a challenge to see how it works.”

In 2013, the film festival took place at Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills entertainment and shopping complex, according to Variety. Sections during the festival included ‘Asian Future’ for first and second picks by Asian directors. There was also a ‘World Focus’ section for world festival movies that had not yet found Japanese distributors. The ‘Japanese Cinema Splash’ section featured indie picks by Japanese directors.

Last year’s TIFFCOM TV and film rights market brought together film, music, and cartoon marts. It took place in the Odaiba section of Tokyo Bay. During the event, 229 exhibitors sold products to 983 registered buyers.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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