Tom Morello set to record first solo rock album

By Andrew Wilson,

Best known for the high pitched, wailing guitar solos for Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello is getting ready to record his first solo album.

Recently touring with Bruce Springsteen, and recording part of Springsteen’s new album High Hopes, Morello told Billboard that he wants to make his solo album “the craziest guitar record that anyone has ever heard. The idea is this is the Hendrix of now.” A tall order for any modern-day guitarist, but Morello’s unique playing style and use of effects has had him paralleled to Hendrix’s playing style.

Morello stated his inspiration to mix the folk-style of his current project, The Nightwatchman, and make a rock album, was touring with Springsteen. I'd kept my folksinging career and my electric guitar shredding career completely separate," he said. "It was on that stage that I realized there might be a way to combine all the things I do as a songwriter and a guitar player, and this record is going to be that."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Morello stated he felt like a late bloomer getting into Springsteen’s music, not until his twenties, but when he did he listened non-stop. Rage Against The Machine also recorded a version of Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” that they released as a single in 1997.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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