'Toned Up' Episode 2: Launch Party

By TracyJane,

Episode 2 of Bravo’s Toned Up focuses on the girls preparing for the launch of their new protein powder Perfect Fit.

The episode starts off at Tone It Up headquarters. Karena and Katrina are making up cheers about it being Cyber Monday and talking about how much that means to their business. They have a multi-million dollar business that revolves around selling work-out DVDs and protein powder online. The segment ends with the girls filming a YouTube video celebrating Cyber Monday with their fans.

Next, we see the girls at the beach presiding over a board meeting with their employees. The main topic of conversation is the Perfect Fit protein powder launch party. The goal of this party is to get their protein powder on the shelves of some major health stores. It is at this meeting that we learn Katrina’s fiancé, Brian, is also an investor in Perfect Fit. He is described as the level headed practical person in this partnership. He thinks of the details and tries to keep the girls on track.

Back at their shared house, Karena and Katrina decide to hire an etiquette coach to help them be more professional when they are at networking parties. The coaching starts off with Karena practicing introducing herself. She makes a mistake of asking , “Who invited you?" That is not the way to make a guest feel welcomed. The training is moved into the dining room and both girls are coached on how to eat. They are told not to slurp their soup or play with their hair or the cat and they collapse into giggles.

Sometime later, they are back at the Tone It Up headquarters. Karena and Katrina are working on ways to substitute their protein powder into every day cooking. They are shown making cake pops with the powder and making middle school girl jokes about “balls” and “frosting." When the camera cuts to Brian, it’s obvious that he’s annoyed that the girls are not taking this seriously. At this moment, the girls agent, Will, makes an unexpected visit to the office. In a sit down meeting with Karena, Katrina, and Brian, Will asks if the invites have gone out for the launch party. The girls answer no. He questions if they’ve set up a timeline of the night. Another no comes from the girls. Lastly, he lectures about needing to have a goal for the night in order to make the party a success. After Will leaves, Brian tries to reinforce what he has said and tries to spark the girls into getting organized.

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