'Toned Up' Recap: Season 1, Episode 3

By Tracy Jane,
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The third episode of Toned Upfocuses on the girls preparing to shoot their second DVD. The episode opens with Karena and Katrina having tea at the Four Daughters Kitchen. Kat is telling Karena that she needs a boyfriend and in order to get that boyfriend, she needs to flirt more. Katrina tries to get her to flirt with the waiter. The scene is a frivolous look into how close the girls are and how much their friendship means to each of them.

Next we see the girls in their shared apartment. They are getting ready to hold a production meeting for their new DVD shoot. Katrina's fiancé Brian walks into the room and questions why they are having a meeting at the apartment and not at their offices. The girls say that the office is too small. Brian retaliates with the fact that their home is his only office and he'd prefer that they use their office and not intrude on him. His reaction is pretty much ignored as the staff begins to arrive for the meeting. Karena starts the meeting in their living room. Showing his frustration, Brian bangs the ironing board onto the floor and starts the blender, making it impossible for them to hear each other, and asks Katrina about his missing phone charger. By the time he walks out the door to his meeting, the girls realize that they cannot have anymore meetings at the house.

The scene moves to the girls gym where they are beginning their workout. They chat about how they need a tough session because they tape the DVD soon and they have to "look the part" of workout stars. We see them going through different circuits of training for a few minutes but the main point of the scene is that Katrina is having neck problems. In a talking head piece, she tells us that she's had neck issues for about five years and now the more she works out, the stronger the pain becomes.

Meanwhile, back at their apartment, Brian is having a couple of friends over for a "guys night". The guys tease Brian about finally having some alone time and about having lipstick stains on the wine glasses. We can tell that Brian is completely happy getting some guy time.

The girls come home from their workout just in time to join the guys at the table for dinner. While they are sitting around the table, one of Brian's friends, Bobby, asks what the living arrangement will be when Katrina and Brian are married. He wants to know if they are going to live alone or if Karena will still be their roommate. That question turns the conversation awkward as neither girl wants to move away from the other and it's clear that Brian DOES want to move out.

The next day, the three roommates are alone in their apartment and the subject of wedding planning comes up. Brian states that he doesn't want the wedding to become Karena and Katrina's new project like their apartment decor was. He wants to be a part of it. The conversation naturally flows back into the previous conversation about their living situation after the wedding. Brian again makes it known that he either wants him and Katrina to move out or he wants Karena to move out. He doesn't want to begin married life in a threesome. Karena takes the news very hard. She feels like she's being kicked out of their tiny family and she begins to tear up. Strangely, Katrina stays very silent watching Karena and Brian fight over this issue. Finally, Karena jumps up and storms out of the room ending the scene.

Karena and Katrina are at yoga the next day. It's obvious that Kat is still having neck problems and it's getting worse. After the class, Karena tells Kat that she needs to go see a doctor. The next scene is at the doctor. He's showing Kat her enflamed x-rays and telling her that he's not sure if she'll be able to participate in the DVD shoot. Kat immediately heads to the Tone It Up offices after her doctor visit. She walks through the door with a neck brace on and all of the employees freak out with worry. They bring her into a conference room and she reiterates what the doctor told her becoming emotional and shedding a few tears. She's sorry that she's letting everyone down. Karena is first to say that she's not letting anyone down and that she will put in extra work to help them stay on task and get this video done. Everyone agrees that she needs to listen to her doctors orders and get better fast.

The last scene of this episode shows Kat in bed resting her neck. Brian walks in with a gift bag. He tells her that he's brought her presents to cheer her up. He unveils straws so she won't have to strain her neck drinking, a phone cover with a kitten to cheer her up, and beaded earphones so their animals won't chew and destroy them. She's giggling by the time the presents are all opened and Brian jokes around knowing that he's cheered her up.

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