Top 10 Activities for kids on snow days

By Lauren Wheeler,
What to do when the kids are out of school

It’s officially wintertime. With cold temperatures, snowstorms and ice storms, schools have and will have snow days. With the areas of the country receiving snow for the first time, it will be very confusing on what to do on these snow days.

It is never a good idea to sit around and play video games or watch television. For snow days, kids need to stay active, do more than sit around doing mindless activities. However, having the kids bother you all day is no fun either. They need activities to do.

With cold weather, you can’t just send the kids to the park or outside to run. You have to get creative and have new things to do everyday. Whether that means sitting in their bedroom doing an activity alone or spending family time together, the things on this list cover all of your options.

The best thing about snow days for kids is that they don’t have to go to school. Because they aren’t forced to get up early and sit in a classroom, snow days must be fun. They need to be taught that you don’t need video games or a TV to have fun. You simply need activities.

Here are ten activities for kids on snow days.

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