Top 10 Actors who could play Peter Pan in NBC's musical

By Lauren Wheeler,
Ten actors to play the lost boy

In December of 2014, NBC is having another live musical event and this time it will be Peter Pan.

While it is early in the game and no one has been cast, the role of Peter is up for grabs and big names are being thrown around for the role.

The role of Peter will be difficult to cast. He must be innocent looking, yet wise. The actor must be good under pressure because it is live. The actor has to be able to sing and act. There are very few people in Hollywood that match that description.

In theater, Peter Pan was typically played by women. Because Peter was so young and his voice was so high, a woman was the best choice. But should NBC stick with that tradition?

NBC had another musical event, The Sound of Music, in 2013. It starred Carrie Underwood as Maria. While the musical received negative reviews, the ratings were outstanding.

Image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com

This year's event, Peter Pan, will have the pressure to not only match the success of Sound of Music but top it as well.

The way to have a successful musical is to have a good cast. That cast begins with Peter. And here are 10 men who could fill that spot.



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