Top 10 best moments so far for 'Revenge' season 3

By Amanda Hoo,

ABC’s Sunday night drama Revenge seems to always up the ante. So far this season brought back characters, banished others and introduced new players in Emily Thorne’s game of revenge. On her quest to seek revenge for her wrongly accused late father, Emily has set out to destroy the people who destroyed her family, the Graysons. This season viewers have finally been able to see Emily’s end game. Throughout the season we saw as Emily has left clues to set up Victoria for the murder of Emily Thorne on her wedding day to Daniel Grayson. Of course it wouldn’t be Revenge without some hiccups in the plans. Just as the season opened with the question, “who shot Emily Thorne?” the mid-season finale left us with even more un-answered questions. As viewers anxiously await the mid-season return of ABC’s Revenge on January 5 we count down the top 10 moments that have happened in the first-half of season 3.



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