Top 10 best quotes from Grammy acceptance speeches

By Hannah Gullickson,

Lights flashing, crowds cheering — it was the best of the Grammys on Sunday night with Beyoncé and Jay Z opening the night with their sizzling “Drunk in Love.”

As celebs such as Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars shook the stage with gusto, the winners were pumped up with energy. And when it came time to take their prize, nothing could have made them prouder.

But winning isn’t just about getting a glimmering gold statuette. It’s about honoring those who helped make the whole process happen. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis couldn’t have made the top hits without their fans. Even Jay Z credited God for his amazing rise in the music industry.

These celebrities know that winning the gold is a highlight of their entire music career. At the Grammys, they gave their best moments to their fans, their families and their colleagues. Their wins honor those who won and those who helped make that dream come true.

Here we present the best quotes from the thank-you speeches of Grammys’ top winners.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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