Top 10 celebrities who ran for political office

By Michelle Kapusta,

Action film star and reserve deputy sheriff Steven Seagal has announced that he is thinking about running for governor of Arizona, so now's a good time to look at other celebrities who have run for office.

Seagal broke the news while promoting his new reality TV show, Steven Seagal — Lawman: Maricopa County.

Seagal became famous in the late '80s and early '90s playing the lead macho role in films such as Above the Law, Hard to Kill and Under Siege.

The actor noted that he feels border security is the most important issue facing the country. Border security is of course a hot-button issue in Arizona and has been for several years.

Could this announcement just be a publicity stunt to get his name out there before his show airs? Sure, but celebrities running for office is nothing new. Many have ran for and won coveted political seats, while others did not win voters over with their politics.

Either way, it got us thinking about the most memorable celebrities who have ran. Here is our Top 10 list.



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