Top 10 Celebrity Baby Bump Debuts

By Alyssa Jean,

Even though 2014 has just begun, the world is getting ready to welcome some of the most highly anticipated celebrity births of the season. Beginning with revelations earlier 2013, the world has anxiously awaited pregnancy news from their favorite stars. While most of these starlets made their baby bump debuts on the red carpet of various award shows and galas, some simply made their debuts on day trips and online posts. No matter what the case may be, each of the glowing moms-to-be and veteran mothers are sure to dazzle.

From the beautiful red carpet looks that hail each baby bump royalty, there is no doubt that the pending births of these celebrity babes will be welcomed quite amiably to the world with fashion and poise. From television series actors to movie stars and even wives of famous singers and basketball players, here is our top 10 list of baby bump debuts!



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