Top 10 Child actors from the 1980s to now

By Hannah Gullickson,

We've grown up with them. We've seen them from A Christmas Story in 1983 to Little Miss Sunshine in 2006. They're our favorite child actors from the 1980s till now, and as we see how they've grown - some of them good, others not so good - we still remember them as the adorable children from when we first saw them.

Many of these have co-starred in major films. Miko Hughes, for instances, played only minor roles for his 2-year-old characters, yet Keisha Knight-Pulliam and others have shot in the top ranks with their stunning performances, making us laugh or cry with them.

Others have shocked us by going bad, either dressy in racy bikinis or decomposing in zombie horror films.

Yet others will keep stunning us. Abigail Breslin, winning a net worth of $12 million, has awed us with her award-winning films as the shrieking Olive Hoover, and AnnaSophia Robb melted our hearts when she performed the real-life surfer who lost her arm to a shark in Soul Surfer.
We'll always remember and love these child actors. Let the show go on!

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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