Top 10 Female music collaborations

By Martina Maio,

The music industry is teeming with female talent, and the competition between lady artists has become fierce. While female music is on the rise, we see different styles, sexy videos, and unstoppable ferocity.

Despite the usual dramatic reports, our favorite female artists aren’t necessarily at each other’s throats. From time to time, we get a taste of some artist alliance from the leading ladies in the music industry, and may we say it’s extremely indulgent.

Powerful female collaborations and duets have been boasting the radio and web for years. The trend of taking two talents and creating a musical masterpiece will never go out of style.

As we approach a new year of new music, we look forward to the upcoming works of multiple styles and genres. Take a minute and explore the endless excitement we’ve been lucky enough to experience in the world of female music collaborations.

Here’s a sample of 10 marvelous musical collaborations from top female performers.



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